About Us

Our Company

The original Santo Hardware started in the early 90’s managed by Mr & Miss Tronquet. Ironically the current manager Brad Wood with his building experience played a part in helping the original management with suggested lines to stock all those years ago. In 2008 Richard Lo took over the company and appointed Brad Wood to renovate, remodel and take over as Managing Director. Santo Hardware has never looked back growing from the vast experience Bradley had to offer. With the strategy and policy that we strived to achieve direct sourcing of quality products to have the best possible price ,and a comprehensive range with good stockholdings. Along with a strong community commitment this has been a strategy that has worked well. 10 years growing from strength to strength a top management team and dedicated staff, the future of Santo is looking good.

Our Team

Currently Santo Hardware employs over 70 employees who come from different islands of Vanuatu as well as three expats. Our team is growing every year as we aim to provide more job opportunities for both ni-vans and expats who can work up to our standard which is to provide quality services to our customers as well as give them professional advice if needed.


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